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Pipe Organ For Sale

An Edinburgh lady wishes to sell the pipe organ that is in her house.  It was built in 1975 by Basil Wilson of Langton, near Hawick.

The organ is 2 manuals (61 notes, ivory) and concave radiating pedal board (30 notes).
There are 24 speaking stops extended from 3 ranks, ivory drawstops with paper labels.
There are 8 thumb pistons under the lower manual, there are no couplers or Tremulant.
The action is electric, the console is attached and the blower at the side runs quietly.
The pipework is older than 1975 and all unenclosed.
The organ is freestanding and in working order although it does need tuning, some regulation and a few pipes are not sounding.
The organ is 8 feet 4 inches high, 6 feet 3 inches wide and 4 feet 7 inches deep including the pedal board.
There is a standard bench.

If you are interested please e-mail David Stewart on for the specification and photographs.


VACANCY - St Mary's Parish Church, Haddington

St Mary's Parish Church, Haddington is looking for a Director of Cholral Music to work alongside the Organist.

For full details please click here.



Organ Crawl to Coatbridge


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 16 September 2017

Forth Valley Organ Tour starting at Larbert Old at 9.30 am (provisional)


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Monday 2 October 2017, 7.30 pm

Francis Jackson 100th Birthday Celebration Recital
Recital by Peter Backhouse and Simon Niemiñski in St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh


RECITAL - Thursday 19 October 2017, 7.30 pm

Organ Recital by Graham Maclagan (Director of Music, Parish Church of Saint Cuthbert, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, and Teacher of Music and School Organist at George Heriot's School, Edinburgh) in Kingussie Parish Church on the 1925 Evans & Barr organ celebrating the refurbishment in 2016 by Walcher Orgelbau, Germany.  Mr Maclagan was Organist of Kingussie Parish Church as a teenager some fifteen years ago.

Admission free, refreshments after the recital.


LANARKSHIRE SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 21 October 2017, 2.30 pm

Organ Recital in Cairnlea Parish Church by Steven McIntyre (Asst. DofM, St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow)



Interpretation and Improvisation

Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire de Saint-Maur-des-Fossé,
Notre-Dame de Créteil Cathedral, Saint-Louis de Vincennes,
final in Saint-Eustache, Paris.

Lois Robillard (France - Chairman)
Liesbeth Schlumberger (France)
Pascal Marsault (France)
Elzbieta Karolak (Poland)
Shin-Young Lee (South Korea)

Grand Prix d'Interprétation André Marchal-Gaston Litaize - €3,000
Various other prizes may also be awarded - full details on the website.

Registration opens on 17th April 2017 and closes on 8th July 2017 - €60 per competition.


joint with GLASGOW SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 4 November 2017, 2.00 pm

Come and Sing in Cathcart Old Parish Church


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 18 November 2017, 10.00 am

Lecture/Recital by Richard Brazier on English Organ Music in Palmerston Place Church, Edinburgh


LANARKSHIRE SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 9 December 2017, 2.30 pm

John Riley reflects on his organ crawl to Denmark



Organ Crawl to East Renfrewshire


LANARKSHIRE SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Sunday 21 January 2018, 6.30 pm

Songs of Praise in Dalziel St Andrew's Parish Church, Motherwell


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 27 January 2018, 3.00 pm

Demonstration by George Wilson of the 4-manual electronic organ in Nicholson Square Methodist Church, Edinburgh


LANARKSHIRE SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Thursday 15 February 2018, 7.30 pm

Organ Recital in Cadzow Parish Church, Hamilton by Matthew Lazenby


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 24 February 2018, 11.00 am

Recital at Inverlieth St Serf's Church, Edinburgh by David Saint, St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, followed by Lunch at 12.30 pm


joint with STIRLING SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Thursday 10 March 2018, 2.30 pm

Concert in Bellshill Central Church by Schola Benedicti


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Tuesday 13 March 2018, 7.30 pm

President's Meeting in the newly refurbished St Celelia's Hall, Cowgate, Edinburgh


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Date and time to be confirmed, April 2018

Visit to the Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society, Greenlaw


LANARKSHIRE SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 21 April 2018, 2.30 pm

AGM and Members' Recital in Hamilton West Parish Church


58th SFO Annual Conference - Friday and Saturday 4th and 5th May 2018

Hosted by the Tayside Organists' Society based in Central Dundee.


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 26 May 2018, 11.00

Annual General Meeting in Freemasons' Hall, George Street, Edinburgh followed by refreshments and a recital by Simin Niemiñski



Overnight (Friday/Saturday) outing to Liverpool; Willis' workshop plus Willis organs.


EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF ORGANISTS - Saturday 2 June 2018, all day

Edinburgh Organ Crawl from east to west of the city; joint meeting with Glasgow Society of Organists


Revised List of Organs in Scotland

In 2011 a revision of the Interim List of Organs in Scotland  (1985) and Organs in Edinburgh (1991), both by David Stewart, was started. This task, it was thought, would take about a year. Only recently was an end in sight, and even that is partly since  it became clear that, unless a deadline was set, the task would never be finished.

So a broad, not entirely inflexible, deadline of 2017 has been set, and we think that there is scope for another hard copy of the combined book. Eventually, once more information is forthcoming as a result of the publication, it may be prudent to put the lists online.

It is estimated that the new book will contain roughly double the number of entries of the 1985 contents, and there will also be some extra entries for Edinburgh, especially from the 18th century. It will thus purport to be the nearest thing to a complete list of all the pipe organs which have ever existed in Scotland, and their various movements round the country.

Now, to anticipate your first question, much of the information is not already on the National Pipe Organ Register! To correct everything on the NPOR would have added another few years to the date of publication of the revised list. However, much information has been gleaned from the NPOR, the British Organ Archive, the missing organ notebooks of A.M. Coutts (1873-1936), the notes of Dr. Jim Inglis (1934-2011), individual church websites, Session and Board records, organists, organ builders - notably Mr. James Mackenzie of Glasgow, histories of individual churches and many church office bearers.

The book will not just contain dry lists of data, but will also be illustrated, plus an article on Scottish organ history and a full survey of sources.

We would be glad to show anyone individual entries for particular churches, towns and other locations, if they would like to check the detail, thus making the published list more accurate.

Alan Buchan,
David Stewart,
3 September 2016

Daily News & Notices

Please also refer to

This 38-page booklet by Donald Maclagan traces the history of the Metrical Psalms in Scotland from 1546 to the present day and was published in 2016 in support of the refurbishment of the organ of Kingussie Parish Church that was completed in 2016 by Walcker Orgelbau of Ludwigsburg, Germany.  Built in 1925 by Evans & Barr of Belfast, this historic organ is one of only two instruments by this builder remaining in Scotland.

Copies are available from the author priced £5.00 + £1.20 post and packing.   Please send your details with a cheque for £6.20 to
Donald Maclagan, 1 Victoria Court, 72 High Street, Kingussie, PH21 1HZ.

Alternatively, you may place your order by emailing and paying £6.20 per copy by PayPal account
The book is also available via eBay - search for Maclagan Psalms and you will find it easily.
Peter Collins House Organ For Sale

Manual II: 8’ 4’ 22/3’ 1’ 8’
Manual I: 8’ 8’ 4’ 2’
Pedal: 8’ 8’ 4’ 2’ 8’ (by transmission from manual stops)
Tremulant; inter-manual coupler; mechanical action
Width 175cm, depth 132cm (200cm with pedalboard), height 235cm
Built in 2001. The instrument fits within standard UK ceiling heights, and would be equally suited to use in a house, school, college, or church. Oak case, panels veneered to match. Offers invited.

Please contact Mr William Fox on or 07974 757027.

The Hymns and Hymn Tunes of Archbishop William Maclagan

SFO Publications Convener, Donald Maclagan, is delighted to announce that his new compilation of all the hymns and hymn tunes of his late cousin, Archbishop William Dalrymple Maclagan, Archbishop of York from 1891 to 1908, is now avaiable..

During his ministry, Archbishop Maclagan wrote 9 hymns and 30 hymn tunes and they have all been traced by Donald Maclagan and included in his latest booklet of 52 pages that includes all the words and tunes, indexes of the metres, words and tunes, as well as full notes of where the words and tunes have been published over the decades.

Copies of the booklet are now available from Donald Maclagan: by post to 1 Victoria Court, 72 High Street, Kingussie, Highland, PH21 1HZ; by email to or by phone to 01540 662431 or 07974 935224. Payment may be made by cheque payable to Donald Maclagan or to PayPal account -

The book is also available via eBay - search for Maclagan Hymns and you will find it easily.

Booklet: £7.50 per copy + postage £2.00 = £9.50; but please contact Donald for orders of more than one copy as lower prices per copy and postage can be agreed.