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The Lady Organist - Morwenna Brett is a late-comer to the organ, as you can read on her website  Six years of hard slog has turned her into an organist competent enough to be appointed Director of Music at the church in the village where she lives with her new husband  (she's a late-comer to marriage as well!).   She is also very proud to work for the Royal College of Organists editing the new virtual campus website and writing the official blog, and generally hob-nobing with the great and good of the organ world.  However Morwenna is still very aware, from personal experience, of the trials of the ‘ordinary’ jobbing  organist with their instrument, their employers, their congregations, and their own technique - she guesses that’s why the website started, and why it continues.

Morwenna writes: "I know that within the Scottish Federation of Organists you are perfectly aware, as are most of us, of the threats posed to our instrument and the continuation of organ-playing traditions as society changes.  Anything that promotes organists and organ-playing, and might inspire someone new to take up the instrument, and value their local instrument, has to be worth doing.   Too often we are just organists talking to organists.  I hope my website opens up the world of the organist to the outside world a bit.  Enough blether from me - if you have any events which are appropriate for my events page at, just send them along.  With best wishes, Morwenna."

Morwenna Brett, Director of Music, St Mary’s, Frittenden

Blog - @theladyorganist on Twitter 

07703 522102